płyta hpl(non-registered)
rozrywkowa website płyta hpl autorskiej pracy. http://szusa.pl/plyta-hpl/
Carol Goldstein(non-registered)
Your new photos are terrific, as are all your photos.
Bill Rodgers(non-registered)
Nice meeting you at the House of Refuge in Stuart, FL. Hope you are enjoying your stay. Really like your work.
Bill Brickner(non-registered)
You've blended light, composition and emotion for some very powerful images. Bravo.
Dennis Darvin(non-registered)
Great photos, as usual!
Carol Goldstein(non-registered)
These are a terrific group of pictures-both in the taking and interpretation.
Dennis Darvin(non-registered)
Great images, wonderful as usual.
I observed you walking around our CW encapment in the village over the weekend snapping away ! And I am so honored you came back to see us again and gave me your card the following day. Now I can enjoy what wonderful pictures you take ! I can not wait to see your view of us at the Village through your lense....., Excellent work !!
Len Sciacchitano(non-registered)
great photos and simple yet beautiful website
Mark Stevens(non-registered)
Very polished website. I love your images. Very nice to travel and photograph with you in Cuba.
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